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Welcome to Maggie and Gracie's!  On this website you will find products and be able to order them online. We have three locations two in the United States and one in Palestine.  For a full list of our products  go to our products.


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 MERRY CHRISTMAS!The holidays are here! And now from Maggie and Gracie's  the HOLIDAY SPECIAL OFFER! All products are now 20% off their original price! Order now before this offer expires! Go to the special offer's page for more ways to save with Maggie and Gracie's and check out our products to see all of the items you can get for new low prices!



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Hi all! We would like to happily inform you that we now have a FAQ page! Go to the contact us page or the guestbookand ask questions we love to do all we can to help you! Help get the FAQ page up and running! Ask a question! Email us,sign the guestbook, or go to the contact us page.



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NOTE FROM THE STAFF: Thank you for all your support we hope you are satisfied with your products! 


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